Mozell Brown

The Secret is Out

From a humble beginning right here in Smithfield, Mozell Brown has been adding to the legacy of her mother and her passion to cook. Her mother, born in 1914 was the cook, and Mozell counted it a special time to watch her cook.

Now, every morning at 5:00 am, Mozell’s natural instinct brings her over to the Smithfield Inn to create her famous biscuits with a pinch here, and a roll there… nothing measured, except for the generations of cooking she brings to her rolling pin each morning.

Her secret is held close. Ms. Janice Scott taught Mozell at an early age to be good at cooking, but to do it her way. And, that’s what she’s been doing since 1957. On her first day at Smithfield Inn, Mozell stood beside Clara Williams, and by hand, they began the legacy of the Smithfield Inn Ham Biscuit that is still alive every morning.

“I realized my passion to cook when I came to the Inn”, says Mozell. “I’ve been making these biscuits for over 50 years.”

Her recipe is autonomous, held very close, and will likely live on only with Mozell.

Get a taste of this secret, but get them while you can. She only makes 168 each day from scratch. There’s nothing like a Mozell’s Ham Biscuit… on a yeast roll or a sweet potato roll. You won’t be able to eat just one!

Our Story

On a daily basis, Mozell Brown will be serving Smithfield Inn Ham Biscuits, made famous in 2000 when selected by USA Today as “The Number One Plate in Virginia”.

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