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The World’s Largest Ham Biscuit

Our Story

On September 28, 2002, history was made in Smithfield, Virginia! In celebration of its 250th anniversary, the Smithfield Inn with the sponsorship of Smithfield Foods, Inc., set out to create the largest Ham Biscuit in the world.

It’s Official!

Smithfield’s Ham Biscuit is The World’s Largest, according to Guinness World Records-2003! Through the efforts Betty Thomas, the package was submitted to Guinness Worlds Records and featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. On a daily basis, Mozell Brown will be serving Smithfield Inn Ham Biscuits, made famous in 2000 when selected by USA Today as “The Number One Plate in Virginia”.

Team Picture

Names of biscuit team members sitting on top of oven are:

Our Story
  • Back Row : Forrest Scott, Roger Case, and Jeff Davis.
  • Front Row : Jimmy Horton, Tony Newby, Betty Thomas, Chef Michael Toepper, Tom Evans and Doug Ellis.
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